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Coated Cable Bubble GumCoated Cable Bubble Gum
Coated Cable Bubble GumCoated Cable Bubble Gum

Coated Cable Bubble Gum

120 kr
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Coated Cable Bright Green
Coated Cable Bubble Gum
Coated Cable Clear Coat
Coated Cable Coastal Teal
Coated Cable Neon Yellow
Coated Cable Papaya
Coated Cable Plum
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    • There a few factors to consider when deciding which cable option is best for you. If speed is your top priority, and you're an efficient jumper who's training indoors on rubber flooring, and you don't mind changing a cable a little more frequently, then the bare cable is perfect for you. However, if durability and versatility are your top priorities, and you'd prefer a longer span between cable replacements, then the coated cable is probably a better option. Also, while either option will accommodate any skill level, beginners often prefer the feedback that the coated cable provides for learning timing and rhythm, as well as the durability it offers to withstand the learning process. Whichever cable you decide on, both styles are easy to replace and can be found right here on our site in a variety of colors!
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